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A Tosquelles Glossary

Carles Guerra | Joana Masó | Oriol Malet

This “Inside the exhibition” section invites you to discover the fascinating personality of Francesc Tosquelles and his transformative practice through ten key concepts.

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War and Authoritarianisms

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Marcela Turati and Pere Ortín

Not Giving In: Critical Journalism in Mexico

Marcela Turati, journalist and human rights defender, talks to journalist Pere Ortín about the current challenges and the difficult situation of journalism in Mexico, a country where typing is more necessary than ever because it means not giving in to violence but where it can also lead to a death sentence.

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Documentary animation workshops

In "Bioscope: Antiselfies. Take off your mask" we will take us self-portraits and represent ourselves in a different and original way, and we will give them movement through the stop-motion technique.
29 May

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CCCB Archive

If you missed an activity, you can watch it at the CCCB Archive space. Lectures by the foremost international thinkers, festivals, concerts and multimedia content from exhibitions.

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