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Building the American Dream

Until 8 September


Espai B

An Artistic Space for Encounters and Experimentation

Until 8 September //

Museums Must Be Social or Not at All

Lucia Calvo

Six inspiring proposals seen at London’s MuseumNext on how cultural organisations are changing to become open, diverse and inclusive spaces.

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City Symphonies 2022

First edition of the audiovisual project by the CCCB

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Visits to the exhibition "Suburbia"

Do not miss our guided visits in Catalan or Spanish to the exhibitions. We also offer tours for groups and tours for people with deafness, blindness or low vision. 

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"Suburbia" catalogue

The catalogue is available on the bookstores (Laie CCCB and Diputació de Barcelona). With articles by Philipp Engel, Francesc Muñoz, Jordi Costa, Ana Galvañ, Kate Wagner, A. M. Homes, Julio Garnica and Margaret Crawford.

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